Ágape project

The dream that was sketched on a paper became real by means of bricks surrounded by life and hope! Love, tender and dedication support this dream of basic principles.

Ágape Project serves kids, children of our employees aged from 4 months to 3 years. It is a very special moment for the little ones, marked by the discovery of the world, where we encourage their physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.

In this universe, our mission is to promote and support our kids development who are learning to know each other, and also discover the environment they are surrounded by. It is a time full of encouragement, learning and knowledge of a new world, composed of people, values and feelings. All in a warm and welcoming environment for them to feel like they are in their own home.

Peace and security is what we provide for those who are "the most important in the life of our people": their children

Commemorative dates

Promote life quality at work is part of our values! Several events are promoted throughout the year to integrate the employees, families and the community in general. Promoting moments to relax, joy and togetherness is also part of our list of activities. It is important to show that the value of each individual goes beyond the execution of their professional activity. We care about their well being and joy. With great affection, we demonstrate our gratitude to all, as we believe that people are the best resources of our company. Check out some of the dates celebrated by our team: Mother's Day, Children's Day, Father's Day and Easter.

FK Social

Provide moments of joy, help others and a social action to show how we can be useful to the community are one of our priorities. Thinking about this, we conduct campaigns throughout the year with the participation of our employees focused on the community. A simple gesture can make all difference! We vibrate when we see a smile on a child's face upon receiving a simple toy or a blanket to keep them warm in winter! It is gratifying to see a glimmer of hope in anxious hearts waiting for an opportunity to follow their life.

FK Health

Health is the main point of our body! Without it we become unable to achieve our goals. Being healthy is critical to the proper functioning of body and mind. Aware of this concept, FK Group promotes campaigns to prevent and care for the health of our employees. Prevention is the best way to health! The company offers services staffed by doctors and nurses.

Through these actions, we contribute to the balance bio, psychological and social development of each employee, providing professional and personal health and wellness.

FK Integration

The industrial world of FK is permeated with technology and human skills, which together result in transformation and continuous improvement in the processes of development and manufacturing of our solutions. We open the doors to the community, allowing young students to know our facilities, have contact with the reality of the manufacturing sector and  the world of professional opportunities within the industry is an important action developed by the group. We receive constantly visits from various age groups, and it is fascinating to see the enchantment of so many children and young people seeing new horizons. At this moment, we highlight our efforts and actions aimed at organizational sustainability.

FK Education

We believe that knowledge and information are important changes for an organization to remain competitive and to promote innovation. And because of that, we develop projects for the Encouragement of Education for our employees. Several partnerships are made with technical and languages schools, colleges, which provide better conditions for all who seek change and improvement. Scholarships in technical education modalities, and MBA, with application of knowledge within the organization are granted.

APAE partnership

The FK Group values the human being in all spheres of society. This enhancement is achieved through partnership with APAE - Exceptional Association of Parents and Friends from Bariri - Special Education Program for Work. The fruit of this union is the Work Project Inclusion.

The project provides opportunities for people with special needs to experience the daily life of the company, developing their skills, building their identity and be a part of the employees.

The partnership with APAE has as actions, conducting courses and skills development. These youths are followed by a multidisciplinary team, which assists the integration with colleagues, activities and the other sectors.


The preservation of the environment is one of the pillars of the FK Group. We always look forward to preserve not only the manufacturing or the transport of our products.

Within their values, FK Group focuses on the performance of social role, an integrated effort to the community. We show that, through our attitudes, even those which we think are minimum, we can generate the necessary environmental improvements. Environmental consciousness produced today is what will ensure the future of our next generations.