FK and Cerantola

FK Group was established in 1986 and since then creates innovative solutions in seats with production process certified by ABNT. This Certificate represents, in a technical way, the quality by which the companies of Frisokar Group conduct their proceedings, consolidated by partners respect and by the market leadership over years.


The head office of the Group is located in Bariri – SP, 300 km far from the capital, and branches all over Brazilian territory. To ensure logistic efficiency, we count on a modern distribution center enabling our fleet to supply quickly and securely nationwide.


Our products are between the market leaders, allowing our customers to meet the most diverse segments such as airports, bus stations, offices, schools, churches, cinemas, sport arenas, food courts and special projects.

The investments in technology, production process, industrial park and supply chain empower Frisokar Group to achieve global demands on different continents.




“Comply with quality the dynamic market needs of furniture industry. Be present developing solutions for our customer´s success by designing products and services which promote wellness in human relations” 


“Being a leader in the furniture segment, promoting difference by our products, actions and by the continuous improvement” 



Logistics and Branches

We have an efficient logistics team, which allows mixing producer operational complexity and the distributor flexibility. Every day, Frisokar trucks cross roads from North to South of Brazil transporting our goods in a short time.


We supply all Brazilian states from 8 regional offices:


» São Paulo - Capital;

» Pernambuco - Recife;

» Ceará - Fortaleza;

» Rio de Janeiro - Capital;

» Goiás - Goiânia;

» Rio Grande do Sul - Caxias do Sul;

» Minas Gerais - Belo Horizonte;

» Santa Catarina - São José.

Industrial park

The industrial park is constantly growing; consisted of 4 facilities totalizing 70,000 square meters of built area, daily production of 72,000 items to meet all kinds of needs. The constant investments in research allow our customers to be more competitive and respected in the market. The production assured by automated machines, high performance and unique software, Frisokar ensures agility, accuracy and quality standardization on production processes, evidenced by the ABNT Quality Certificate.


Frisokar Quality Control Program consists of sophisticated laboratories that analyze from the raw material to the final product, using tests to demonstrate the high level of strength, durability and safety of our products in accordance to Brazilian rules.


Frisokar products are environmentally friendly. We are the first company in the industry to seek the elimination of CFCs in foam production and our production process observe the precepts of Normative Instruction No. 01 of January 19th, 2010, published by the Planning, Budget and Management Ministry showing that the production processes of Frisokar and Cerantola generate sustainable and less environmental impact compared to their similar products. This commitment to sustainability is also evidenced by the participation of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) confirming the commitment to run manufacturing processes of sustainable polyurethane. Sustainability for Frisokar is what guarantees human upgrade.


The constant improvement of the products’ lines is due to the expertise and continuous investments in employee development. Thinking about it, we work with investments on training and motivation, as well as providing a favorable environment for collaboration. This set of actions brings the satisfaction of each and professional awareness of this strategic importance within the company and society.

70.000 m²
Build Area


800 Employees


4 Production Plants